In The Black Order we strive to do our best, support our friends and annihilate our foes. Our strength comes from our unity and perseverance. We value Courage and Determination. We believe in Selflessness and Integrity. We are The Black Order.
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 Rolling up to Christmas

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PostSubject: Rolling up to Christmas   Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:35 pm


Nothing important, I'm just feeling social Smile

The Black Order is slowly awakening. At the rate we have been growing, we could be a 20-Strong Alliance by Christmas... On that train of thought, from now up until Christmas day, I will personally give 250,000 credits to anyone who recruits a new active member into our Alliance!

If we hit 20 members before Christmas, then every Active member of The Black Order will receive a 250,000 credit allowance at Trinity Space Port (as in, 250,000 credits discount off your next ship or equipment!)


Fly Safe
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Rolling up to Christmas
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