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Forum Changes

on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:04 pm
I have given the forums a bit of an overhaul recently as you might have noticed, some changes more apparent than other. List of changes here:

- Changed the forum skin completely
- Deleted unnecessary Forums
- Moved all of the individual NPC threads into the Miscellaneous forum, but left the NPC Categories (Organic, EM, etc.) in the Intelligence forum
- Moved Alpha Centauri forum to Off-Topic following recent events
- Added CORE only forum
- Added Economics forum

Some other minor changes include:
- Deleted ex-TBO members accounts (except Vasha, her account has been set to 'Inactive' in case she ever comes back to TBO)
- Deleted all of the user groups. Now we only have Members, CORE, Administrator
- I located some animated Pardus Emoticons* and updated them in the forums
- Forum Homepage now shows Pardus-Core Wormholes - an Open wormhole indicates new posts

* New animated emotes: Dry, Cool, Laugh, Ninja, Tongue

If anybody has any feedback or suggestions feel free to post them here!
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