In The Black Order we strive to do our best, support our friends and annihilate our foes. Our strength comes from our unity and perseverance. We value Courage and Determination. We believe in Selflessness and Integrity. We are The Black Order.
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PostSubject: Introduction   Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:45 am

Ladies, Gentlemen, Rashkir, Keldon, Ska'ari, and other Phenomenon...

The Black Order is in command of Alpha Centauri and its Starbase, Trinity Space Port.

- DO NOT exceed the Production Levels shown in the list. Those numbers are there for a reason.
- DO NOT build anything in Alpha Centauri without the correct permission.
- Once permission is granted, ONLY construct the correct building at the correct co-ordinates.

The Links below are important to anyone who wishes to build in Alpha Centauri. Please take refer to these Links when you are constructing, as they contain various information such as your upper Production limit, how much you will be compensated, and Alpha Centauri price list.

Building Limits and Funding - Upper Production level limit for each building type and details on available Funding.
Price List - Set your prices accordingly in Alpha Centauri.
Building Message - Examples of a Building Message (optional).
Census Strings - Use the Census to check out how Prices and Building Levels are being worked out.

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