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 Construct List

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PostSubject: Construct List   Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:54 am

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The table below shows all Buildings in Alpha Centauri, their Location, and who owns them.

If you spot a building with 'n/a' next to it, this means that building has not yet been constructed.

Building Upgrades Calculator:

Red writing means that the building cannot be constructed. This is normally due to another building already being at those co-ordinates, thus blocking the way.

Green writing means this building currently is not required in Alpha Centauri.

Yellow writing means this building is available for construction. If you are interested, send a message to Jimmy Turner or come to the Alliance Chat and make yourself known  Smile

Note: Buildings are in Alphabetical Order [A-Z]


Alliance Command Station [3,4] - note: ACS is an extra. If anyone wants to build this, you don't need to ask permission, but be aware it is a none-profit building. Set all your 'BUY' and 'SELL' prices to 0.

Asteroid Mine [4,7]

Asteroid Mine [4,8] Anagram
Asteroid Mine [5,8] Death Dealer (no alliance)
Asteroid Mine [4,9] Vasha

Battleweapons Factory [1,6] Stiggy

Chemical Laboratory [4,5] Gytrash

Droid Assembly Complex [7,8] Gytrash
Droid Assembly Complex [8,8] Anagram
Droid Assembly Complex [9,8]
Droid Assembly Complex [10,8]
Droid Assembly Complex [11,8]

Electronics Facility [2,1]
Electronics Facility [2,2]
Electronics Facility [2,3]
Electronics Facility [2,4]
Electronics Facility [2,5]
Electronics Facility [2,6] Spark Eldridge

Handweapons Factory [1,7]

Nebula Plant [4,3]
Nebula Plant [4,4] Jimmy Turner

Optics Research Center [5,7] Ganso UPGRADES REQUIRED
Optics Research Center [6,7] Animadora UPGRADES REQUIRED

Plastics Facility [3,5] Stiggy
Plastics Facility [3,6] Ganso
Plastics Facility [4,6]

Radiation Collector [12,8] Vasha
Radiation Collector [11,9] Stiggy
Radiation Collector [12,9] Ganso

Recyclotron [3,4]

Robot Factory [7,7] Stiggy
Robot Factory [8,7] Gytrash
Robot Factory [9,7]Hawlitaker (no alliance)
Robot Factory [10,7]
Robot Factory [11,7]

Smelting Facility [6,8] Anagram UPGRADES REQUIRED
Smelting Facility [5,9] Anagram UPGRADES REQUIRED
Smelting Facility [6,9]
Smelting Facility [7,9]
Smelting Facility [5,10] Fortunos (no alliance)
Smelting Facility [6,10] Gytrash

Space Farm [3,2] Belthazor
Space Farm [4,2] Vasha
Space Farm [5,2] Crockeet PRICE LIST UPDATE REQUIRED
Space Farm [3,3] Jimmy Turner
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Construct List
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