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Construction Fund

on Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:15 am
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Calculations made using this link: Building Upgrade Tool

Basically, find what type of Building you are constructing in the list below, and you will find the Production Limit for that type of building.

Upgrade Capacity and Modules to your heart's content, but DO NOT EXCEED THE PRODUCTION LIMIT!

For capacity, as a base rule for myself I use the materials Produced plus materials for Upkeep per tick *10.

Example: Smelting Facility, Production 10.
Production: 33t Metal
Upkeep: 9t Food, 9t Water, 9t Energy, 18t Ore.
Maximum: 90t Food, 90t Water, 90t Energy, 180t Ore.

Any pilot who Constructs a Building in accordance to the Sector Economy plan is entitled to claim back credits spent on Upgrades. Depending what kind of building you have will determine how many Credits you can claim.

Cost of Materials is worked out using the cost of Buying materials from Trinity Space Port.
Energy = 45 cr/t
Metal = 170 cr/t
Ore = 70 cr/t

However, if you were to manually work out the sums, you might find that if you buy all of your materials from Trinity you will make a small profit  ;)

Alliance Command Station1100100,000
Asteroid Mine7600400,000
Battleweapons Factory122,6003,250,000
Chemical Laboratory7600400,000
Droid Assembly Complex101,6001,250,000
Electronics Facility101,6001,250,000
Handweapons Factory101,6001,250,000
Nebula Plant101,6001,250,000
Optics Research Center8900500,000
Plastics Facility7600400,000
Radiation Collector7600400,000
Robot Factory101,6001,250,000
Smelting Facility101,6001,250,000
Space Farm112,0002,000,000

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Posts : 191
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Age : 25
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Re: Construction Fund

on Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:02 pm
List of Pilots who have Construction Fund saved:

Animadora, Optical Research Center

Belthazor, Space Farm

Crockeet, Space Farm

Ganso, Plastic Facility
Ganso, Optical Research Center
Ganso, Radiation Collector

Gytrash, Smelting Facility
Gytrash, Chemical Lab

Stiggy, Battleweapons Factory
Stiggy, Radiation Collector
Stiggy, Plastics Facility

Vasha, Space Farm
Vasha, Radiation Collector
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