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If TBO was Star Wars

on Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:08 am
Jimmy Turner = Revan

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Revan and his best friend Malak were both Jedi who, despite the Jedi Council's judgement, led Republic forces to bloody victory during the Mandalorian War. The most violent and destructive battle was fought on Malachor V. During this battle, Revan saw enough death to last many lifetimes, and some may speculate that this battle was the first step down the path of the dark side.

When they left after the Mandalorian Wars ended, they were Jedi. When they returned… they were something else.

By the time any of the Jedi Council could even guess what had gone wrong, it was too late. Revan and Malak had an army, a fleet, and the Jedi Civil War had already begun. Darth Revan, Lord of the Sith, accepted Malak as his apprentice, and many of the Jedi who had fought along side them in the Mandalorian War were given two choices - either join the Sith or die.

Later that year, the Jedi Council set a trap for Revan, sending a small fleet to the Outer Rim as bait. Revan attacked the fleet, but a small Jedi strike team led by the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan attacked Darth Revan's flagship. Revan dispatched several Jedi and Republic soldiers when they attacked him on the command deck of his vessel, but Shan and three other Jedi arrived to confront the Sith Lord before he could leave the bridge. Malak, on his own vessel nearby, sensed that Revan was in danger and decided to take advantage of the situation to take his Master's place. Just as Revan prepared to duel Shan and the other Jedi, Malak's vessel opened fire upon the bridge of Revan's ship.

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Revan was critically injured in the explosions and the fighting that followed. The only survivor of her strike team, Shan saved Revan's life with the Force and took him to safety—forming a powerful Force bond between them in the process. Shan brought the comatose Sith Lord with her to Dantooine, where the Jedi Order healed Revan's broken body, and the Jedi Council decided to take action against Revan: joining together, the members of the Council wiped Revan's mind clean, erasing his memories and giving him a new identity.

Now believing himself to be a Republic soldier, Revan was enlisted in the Republic Military under a false name and with a false background, and he was assigned to Hammerhead-Class Cruiser "Endar Spire", which was ambushed by Darth Malak's fleet above the planet Taris. Revan and Bastila both escaped, and eventually found a way off Taris and escaped to Dantooine.

The Jedi Council on Dantooine were dismissive when Bastila attempted to convince them that Revan - who by now was still unsure of his own identity - could be trained as a Jedi Padawan, but after a test and some training, they conceded. Revan easily passed all further training, and constructed a new Lightsabre.

It is interesting to note that, though the Lightsabre which Revan constructed was Blue, he found some crystals in a Kinrath nest, one of which was able to change the colour of the Lightsabre's blade to Purple - the same colour as his Lightsabre during the Mandalorian War.

Bastila and Revan worked together to identify an old relic called a Star Map, and along the way Revan found clues to his identity. Eventually, Revan discovered his past, but was able to put it behind him and admit that his time as Sith Lord was well and truly dead.

During a visit to Tatooine, Revan bought a Combat Protocol Droid designated HK-47. It was later discovered that Darth Revan actually built and programmed HK-47.

As Revan and the others made their way to Korriban, the site of the fifth and final Star Map, the Ebon Hawk was pulled from hyperspace by a Sith Interdictor cruiser. The Hawk was quickly boarded and the crew captured, and Revan, Onasi, and Shan were stripped of their equipment and placed in force cages. The rest of the crew were able to hide on board the Ebon Hawk, and one of them was able to slip past the Sith and reach the brig to free the entire crew.

On their way to the hanger where the Ebon Hawk was being held, Darth Malak confronted them. Charging Malak, Bastila urged Revan and Onasi to hurry up and run, and despite Revan's protests she sealed the blast door with her and Malak on the other side. Revan wanted to help Shan, but he went with Onasi and the two raced to the Ebon Hawk.

When Revan eventually completed the Star Map, it led to a Star Forge which Darth Malak was using to construct a fleet larger and more powerful than ever before. Carth Onasi spoke to Admiral Dodonna, who bought the Republic Fleet to the Star Forge in an attempt to wage one last deciding battle. Carth landed the Ebon Hawk on the Forge, where Revan set off to find Malak.

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As Revan headed deeper into the Star Forge, Malak continued to unleash droids, Sith troopers, and Dark Jedi upon him in order to eliminate his former Master. When he finally reached the command center, Revan found Bastila using her Battle Meditation to assist the Sith Fleet in their battle against the Republic Fleet. Bastila attacked Revan, and though Revan overcame her, he would not strike her down. Believing Revan to be a fool, Bastila attacked again, forcing Revan to drive her back once more. This time, Revan refused to attack her, allowing Bastila to attack in hopes that she would come to her senses before striking a defenseless opponent. When Revan defeated her for a third and final time, she begged him to end her suffering and to kill her.

However, Revan refused. Reaching out to the woman he loved, Revan reminded her that even the darkest of souls could be redeemed, just as he was, and he revealed to Shan that he loved her. Sensing his feelings through their bond, Shan admitted that she loved him as well, and Revan's support brought her back to the light side of the Force. Unable to face Darth Malak in fear that she would be tempted by the darkness, Shan instead chose to stay and reinforce the Republic fleet with her battle meditation, and Revan headed to his final confrontation with his former student.

Revan and Malak fought hard, and Malak had even found a way of using the Star Forge to draw strength from the bodies of Jedi which he had kept in containers. However, Revan continued to fight, wearing Malak down and destroying the machinery he used to draw energy from the Jedi. As the Republic and Sith fleets battled all around them outside, the two fought back and forth across the platform, but ultimately Malak was driven to his knees, fatally wounded.

Years later, Revan and Bastila were married and they soon had a son. Bastila's choice of the name Vaner amused Revan, as it was an anagram of his own name.

For the full story:
Revan - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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